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Bachelor or Arts - University of Imagination

Master of Arts - University of Infinite Possibilities

PhD - Institution of Imaginary Research

Dr. Matthew Rivers is a distinguished faculty member at our esteemed college, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our Non-existent Studies department. With an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering passion for exploring the unexplored, Dr. Rivers has established himself as a pioneer in this groundbreaking field.

Dr. Rivers embarked on his academic journey at a young age, driven by a burning desire to understand the uncharted territories of knowledge. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Non-existent Studies from the prestigious University of Imagination, where he delved into the intricacies of unreal realms and imaginary concepts.

Driven by an unquenchable thirst for discovery, Dr. Rivers pursued a Master's degree in Non-existent Studies at the University of Infinite Possibilities. Here, he refined his understanding of the metaphysical, studying the ethereal boundaries of existence and non-existence.

Unrelenting in his pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Rivers then pursued a Doctorate in Non-existent Studies from the renowned Institution of Imaginary Research. His doctoral research focused on the interplay between the imaginary and the real, delving deep into the philosophical underpinnings of the non-existent.

Dr. Matthew Rivers now brings his exceptional academic background and deep understanding of the intangible to our tribal college, where he inspires and empowers students to challenge conventional thinking and explore the unexplored frontiers of knowledge. His innovative teaching methods and contagious enthusiasm make him an invaluable asset to our academic community, as he cultivates the next generation of critical thinkers and dream weavers.