Program Description

The hydrology program provides the opportunity for interdisciplinary study of physical, chemical, and biological water resources and their management. Students will gain theoretical, conceptual, computational, and practical knowledge/experiences in qualifying, monitoring, quantifying, and managing today’s water resource challenges with particular emphasis on facing Tribal lands.

Completion of The Associate of Science Degree will provide the student with the necessary skills to work as a hydrology -water quality or geo -technician within the Reservation area, the U.S. Forest Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Reclamation, the United States Geological Society, and other earth science disciplines.

The Bachelor’s Degree program provides students with a broad-based theoretical and technological understanding of environmental and physical sciences and prepares students to design and direct research programs related to water resources.

Graduates of the Bachelor Degree program are prepared to continue their education in graduate school or obtain employment as managers or directors of programs in industry, local, state, federal and tribal programs.


The overall objective of an SKC Hydrology degree program is to produce students who are able to “give voice” to the perspectives of Tribal peoples on natural resources and particularly water-related issues, including water rights, agriculture, environmental health, beliefs and spirituality related to water, and sustainability of water resources. The purpose of giving voice to Tribal perspectives goes beyond a simple appreciation of Tribal culture and beliefs; our objectives are both to empower Tribal communities through a sharing of knowledge and experience, and to enhance cross-cultural understanding and respect for different approaches to water and water development. Both these objectives have practical and tangible expressions in the realm of improved legal frameworks, agricultural practices, water quality, health, etc. The unique contribution of the SKC Hydrology program will be to engage Tribal peoples in expressing their own interpretations and perspectives on water priorities and on what constitutes “improvements” and “progress” for their societies.