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Salish Kootenai College Awarded 2-year Climate Learning Grant

In a significant development, Salish Kootenai College (SKC) has been awarded a substantial grant  by The Waverly Foundation. This grant recognizes SKC's pivotal role in community-based environmental education. It reinforces its commitment to addressing pressing matters on and off the Flathead Indian Reservation and addresses those challenges through education and research.


Vision Statement

To grow a centralized location at SKC for learning and sharing information related to climate change concerns and solutions, with an emphasis on the Knowledge of the climate change concerns and solutions, with an emphasis on the knowledge of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and needs of the local community.



2024 CSKT & SKC Earth Day

Natural Resource Escape Room


The SKC Natural Resource Escape Room was launched in March for the CSKT & SKC Earth Day Event. This educational initiative was designed to promote environmental awareness and conservation efforts. Participants were challenged to complete puzzles and riddles to uncover clues in Forestry, Fire, Hydrology, wildlife, and Fisheries. USGS, WWF, and NASA played a crucial role in designing interactive maps and assisting in running the escape room activities.

Group Photo.USGS.NASA.SKC (1)

Photo from left to right: Eliana Moustakas (SKC), Crista Straub (USGS), Nikki Tulley (NASA), Sheree Watson (USGS), Amber McCullum (NASA), Sierra Mahseelah (SKC), Mabel Beaz Schon (WWF), Amara Williams (SKC)

2023 Climate Change Summer Camp

During the camp, students delved into diverse climate change concepts, with a focus on forestry, water, and wildlife. High student engagement was fostered through hands-on experiments, insightful talks by local guest speakers, and a field trip to our nearby CSKT Division of Fire, Forestry, and McDonald Lake. This immersive experience allowed students to grasp the tangible effects of climate change on both global and local ecosystems, empowering them with the knowledge to contribute towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

SKC 2023 Summer Research: Exploring Elk Behavior at the CSKT Bison Range


Join us on a journey into the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes Bison Range as we explore the wilderness. Salish Kootenai College's 2023-2024 Summer Research team delves into the mysteries of elk behavior. Against the stunning backdrop of the CSKT National Bison Range, our dedicated students will unravel the secrets of elk life and study the dynamic interplay between these majestic creatures and their surrounding vegetation. Bridging classroom knowledge with hands-on field expertise. Documenting the interconnected web of elk and vegetation dynamics.
Check back for updates on a visual journey through our 2023-2024 Summer Research. Whether you're an ecology enthusiast or simply love nature, come be a part of this exploration.
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Help SKC learn more about elk on the Bison Range (1)

If you visit the Bison Range, we'd love to hear your observations! Our researchers are students who can't be in the field year-round, and your feedback is valuable. Scan the QR code to share your insights. Your contribution helps enrich our study.

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Wildlife & Fisheries Dept. Head/Climate Hub Project Lead

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Sierra Mahseelah

Climate Hub Program Director

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Field and Lab Coordinator

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