Program Description

The forestry program at SKC will set you on the path to a career in multiple resource forest management.

By learning the basics of plant growth, forest ecology and the principles and practices of sustainable forest management, you will become qualified for a job with a tribal, state or federal forest resource management agency.

SKC’s forestry program is one of the very few in the country that emphasizes the relationship between the forest, tribal sovereignty and cultural preservation.

A two-plus-two program, the forestry program offers a two-year Associate of Science degree that will provide you with the skills needed to be a forestry technician. After completing the two-year degree, you can continue on for a Bachelor of Science in forestry degree that gives you the knowledge necessary to begin a career as a professional forester or to enter into graduate school.


In addition to degrees in Forest Management, the department also offers an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Wildland Fire.