Faculty and Staff




robert_kenning@skc.edu 406-275-4886 Piel Qlawqn 125
Robert Kenning, Forestry Dept. Head


Rick Everett, Forestry Faculty




Chris Frissell, Hydrology Dept. Faculty


Adam Johnson, Hydrology Dept. Faculty


Wildlife & Fisheries


Janene Lichtenberg, Wildlife & Fish. Dept. Head


Georgia Smies, Fisheries Faculty


Division Head

Adrian Leighton, Forestry, Natural Resources Division Head



Cody Sifford, Instructor, Geographic Information Systems


Forest Service Liason

Serra J. Hoagland, PhD, Liaison Officer (Biologist) Forest Service RMRS, Fire, Fuels & Smoke Program


Adjunct Faculty


Ken Pitt, Environmental Law

Keri Gunderson, Wildlife and Fisheries

Whisper Camel Means, Wildlife and Fisheries

Dennis Lichtenberg, Wildlife and Fisheries



Craig Cook, WIldliand Fire Trainer, SKC TREES

Nicole Stiffarm, Program Manager, SKC TREES

Joshua Rosenau, Program Coordinator, SKC TREES